StyleMockups is a Marketplace which sells Premium mockups. We offer also a Free psd mockups to test our products. We are looking forward to expand our team and in the near future we may hire freelancers for more products to be available in our site. Our site has started in July 2019, and we are located in Albania. Our primary shop was Creative Market, which we have our Premium mockups for sale. But the good news is that we have started to sell also directly in our site, with 30% to 50% OFF in prices – for all products.


From August 2020, we have started to sell exclusive in our site via Paddle. Unfortunately, because Creative Market has increased the fee from 30% to 40%, our revenues has dropped a lot. Because of this huge concern, we have started to build our own shop in our site. We still operate in Creative Market as a Sellers, but prices in our site are 30% – 50% off so we highly recommend to purchase our product directly to our site instead of Creative Market. Because Creative Market charge us 40% , this is the reason that prices are more expensives in Creative Market. Quality & support is 100% the same in our site or at our creativemarket – same files, same quality!

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